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Expected driving performances with engines which are not yet available

Porsche Boxster Beetle goes Boxster: performances of a New Beetle with Porsche Boxster flat6 engine

Engines not yet available in the New Beetle
1.8 liter turbocharged engine

The New Beetle is now only available as a 2.0 liter and 1.9 liter TDI version. But perhaps more powerful engine from the Volkswagen stock will follow. This a preview which driving performances will be possible if a 1,8 liter turbocharged engine, already used in other VW/Audi-vehicles, would be implemented into the New Beetle. From the technical point of view this transformation should be possible without major problems. Probably the Wolfsburg engineers and designers already started (or perhaps finished?) their work on this.

Tuned version of the 1.8 liter turbocharged engine

Alternatively to the 1.8 turbo engine flat4 shows the performaces of a tuned 1.8 liter version, which is improved in these points:

Maximum engine power is expected at 143 kW (195 bhp) at 5800 1/min and a max. torque of  300 Nm at 2200 1/min. The gear ratios are persisting. Such tuned angines are already offered in Germany by Oettinger, MTM, Hohenester, Abt etc. in the Audi A3/A4 und Volkswagen Golf/Passat.

Calculation of the driving performances

The input of the calculation ist the engine torque versus revs curve shown in the diagram for the 1.8T - and the 1.8T tuned engine.
engine torque versus revs
engine torque versus revs diagram

The most important losses like drivetrain friction and moments of inertia of rotating masses are taken into account. As a result the tractive wheel forces are being calculated. The actual vehicle acceleration is given as the difference of the offered tractive force due to the engine performance and the "used" force e.g. drag and rolling resistance.
Top speed will be reached when the offered tractive force equals the drag force plus the rolling resistance. Straight ahead driving on dry road surface without trailer and no road gradient is assumed. The delay between shifting is 0.5 seconds. Upshifting is done at 6000 1/min.
The following technical data were used for the calculation of the driving performances.
Engine: 1.8T 4 cyl. in line 5V (EA113) 1.8T 4 cyl. in line 5V tuned version
displacement 1,781 Liter 1,781 Liter
supercharging turbocharged turbocharged - intercooled
power 150 bhp at 5700 1/min 195 bhp at 5800 1/min
engine torque 210 Nm at 1750 1/min 300 Nm at 2200 1/min
curb weight 1252 kg (estimated) 1252 kg (estimated)
cd drag coeff. 0,385 0,385
ratio 1st gear 3,300 3,300
ratio 2nd gear 1,940 1,940
ratio 3rd gear 1,308 1,308
ratio 4th gear 1,029 1,029
ratio 5th gear 0,837 0,837
final ratio 3,680 3,680
That's what the engine could look like when mounted in the New Beetle front engine compartment:

20V Turbo Motor, Quelle Motorpresse

Driving performances
The calculated performaces of the New Beetle with 1.8 turbo engine are slighly lower than on the comparable Audi A3 1.8T or VW Golf GTI 1.8T because the windresistance of the Beetle body is about 20% higher. But however the performanced of such a Beetle are nearly on the same level than those of a BMW 320i or Audi A4 Avant 1.8T. This is quite remarkable! The calculated values can be reduced significantly by further options like air condition, larger tyres etc.
New Beetle 1.8T 5V turbo 1.8T 5V tuned version comparison between 1.8 5V turbo and Beetle 2.0
top speed 209 km/h 222 km/h 180 km/h (auto zeitung 4/98), this is +29 km/h
acceleration 0 to 100 km/h 8,7 sec 7,2 sec 11,8 (auto zeitung 4/98), this is -3,1 sec
time for one km from stillstand 32,3 sec 30,0 sec 36,5 sec (flat4), this is -12%
top speed comparison acceleration comparison
top speed comparison acceleration comparison

Fuel consumption
The fuel consumption according to the European "Richtlinie 93/116/EG" should be about 11,0 l/100km (City cycle), 6,5 l/100km (rural roads). This is about 26 mpg.
The fuel consumption of the tuned 1.8 liter turbo engine should be about 13 l/100 km or 19 mpg. In every case a sporty tuned suspension (wheels 225/45 ZR 17 on rims 8J x 17) and an improved brake system should be fittet.
Let's look forward to that engine available in the New Beetle!

Beetle goes Boxster 
Don't take this chapter too serious! What if a dream came true and the New Beetle would be equipped with the  2,5l Porsche Boxster engine - in a mid or rear postion of course? This would be in a long tradition where beetle owners used flat4 Porsche engines which fitted to the Volks' gearbox. Gear ratios and other data of such a "Power Bug" are taken from the table above. Curb weight increases due to the flat6 engine up to 1320 kg.
"Power Bug"
6 cyl. Boxer
2,5 liter
150 kW/204 bhp
in comparison to the Beetle 2.0
top speed 227 km/h 180 km/h (auto zeitung 4/98), this is +47 km/h
acceleration 0 to 100 km/h 6,8 sec 11,8 (auto zeitung 4/98), this is -5,0 sec
time for one km from standstill 30 sec 36,5 sec (flat4), this is -18%
The main result is that the high drag coefficient of the New Beetle disables a Porsche like top speed at about 240 km/h. Possible accelerations (0 to 100 km/h below 7 sec !) are very remarkable.
However such a conversion seams not to be reasonable because of the technical problems when changing from front wheel drive/front engine to rear wheel drive/rear or mid engine. Besides that, similiar performances are possible with the tuned 1.8 liter turbocharged engine taken from VW stock.

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