flat4 - special edition "Silver Bug" 1981
(20,000,000 bug)

In Puebla (Mexico) have been produced 20,000,000 beetle on Friday, 15th of  mai 1981 . Because of that reason a special edition, called "Silver Bug" according to its silver-metallic paint, has been offered in 1981 in Mexico and in Europe. Between Mai and autoumn 1981 about 2000 vehicles have been built and further 1700 car left the factory in a second edition in February 1982. The European customer had to pay about $4,700 in 1981. One "Silver Bug" can be found in the collection of Volkswagen Auto Museum in Wolfsburg (Germany). 
front - side view
rear view
VW 1200 Silver Bug front and side view
VW 1200 Silver Bug rear view
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Technical data of the german version:
engine power 25 kW (34 hp)
displacement 1192 cm²
engine torque 76 Nm
acceleration from 
standstill to 100 km/h
32 sec
fuel consumption  
at 90 km/h  
European city cycle
35 mpg  
24 mpg
curb weight 780 kg
lenght 4060 mm
width 1550 mm
heightÿgrey 1500 mm
Special features: 
The dimension of the rear window is 879 x 408 mm like it has been produced in 1971. There is no VW logo on the front trunk lid. Instead of the logo you can find some air intake slots. The rear swing axle is equipped with an additional compensation spring like at the former 1.6 liter engines. Seats and 3-leg seat-consoles are similar to those of the Volkswagen Rabbit. Further additional equippments are black upholstered dashboard, heatable rear window, deflectable mirror, covered c-pilars, white roof interior and crome exhaust pipes. 
rear - side view
VW 1200 flat4 engine
VW 1200 Silver Bug side and rear view
VW 1200 Silver Bug flat4 engine compartment
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Standard equipment, available from stock Vehicles delivered before july, 31st were equipped with 26 slots on the engine hood.

My "Silver Bug" after running about 28000 miles has been changed in some points to obtain a better vehicle security.

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